Glasses: Virtual testing …

Although e-commerce initially began with digital products;

Very soon physical products too have been added and known different results.

Some knew some big success like clothes, books, fashion, and else.

But others knew some slowness, especially in the health topics.

Within the products rather sensitive and difficult to market online, glasses are an example of health product that is becoming more and more present,


According to an article in actinnovation

OWIZ has several features including a self-service virtual mirror that allows, thanks to the camera of the iPad, to try virtually in a few minutes hundreds of frames.


The application also offers a smart vision assistant who makes recommendations of shapes and colors of frames depending on the morphology of your face, the color of your eyes, your hair or your skin.

Added to this, other features allow the optician to send his clients a photo album of fittings made in the store and to boost his direct marketing at the same time.

Finally, OWIZ proposes a game that allows to occupy the children during your visit to the optician, allowing them to create, draw and try in augmented reality their own glasses.

In short, innovation and innovation don’t stop adding charm and magic to life every day …



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